Spotlight on Crestview
Spotlight on Crestview
Posted on 01/16/2013

by Cathleen Rooney

iPads have just been introduced to the classrooms where they are being used in small groups by all students, and their use has proven especially successful with the ELLs. Mr. Gonzalez, the Pre-K bilingual teacher and also Crestview’s Teacher of the Year, is really seeing his bilingual students grow with the use of this new technology.

Students are using appropriate APPs to learn handwriting, letter recognition, letter sounds, and math concepts. They are also using computers for Lexia reading, shapes and number concepts. “We are seeing great progress with our Spanish speaking students, some of whom already know the alphabet in both languages, by sight and sound,” Mr. Gonzalez states.

Currently, Crestview’s students are working on making good choices, specifically with nutrition. Principal, Mrs. Herring, says that Crestview is also working very hard to increase the rigor in all of their classes with small group instruction and technology use to prepare them for the next level of learning.

Students are experiencing success! In the summer of 2012, all of Crestview’s ELL students achieved promotion to the next grade level!