Spotlight on Dean Highland
Spotlight on Dean Highland
Posted on 01/23/2013
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We provide children with opportunities to increase English language development using gestures or non-verbal actions. Teachers allow children to acquire a rich English vocabulary through the use of meaningful hands-on activities.  These activities provide them with opportunities to practice their newly acquired language.

Mrs. Alanis’ Pre-K Class:

Alanis with Kids

Our Pre-K classroom is working on the following areas every week: (a) Writing Skills: writing their name and writing in their journals about books we read in our classroom; (b) Literacy: letter recognition and letter sounds; (c) Phonological awareness: rhyming, beginning sounds, counting words in a sentence and counting syllables in a word; and (d) Math: number recognition, rote counting 1-40, counting objects and shape recognition.  We practice these areas in English and Spanish. Our class consists of many different types of learners.  These learners have individual learning strengths, needs, and challenges. We use a variety of hands-on activities to address every child’s learning style. Children learn in a fun way that keeps them engaged, and learning something new every day.

Mr. Ferro’s Kindergarten class:

Ferro's ClassIn Kindergarten, we work to develop students’ literacy in their first language.  The students then use the skills they already developed, as they learn to speak, read, and write in  English. We use a variety of strategies to help everyone reach the readiness level required to be successful in first grade. As teachers, we guide students with Limited English Proficiency, providing them with multiple opportunities to practice, and transfer their knowledge to an English speaking environment with confidence.  As students acquire English, they will be able to participate in class and maximize their learning.

Ms. Mercado’s First Grade class:

Mercado's ClassOur class is working hard on developing and improving reading skills in English and in Spanish. We use high quality bilingual books and technology tools to keep the students interested and engaged in reading. They are showing growth in both languages.  Students are really proud and excited every time they succeed on their comprehension tests. 

Writing is a focus of our learning. Our students are writing in their journals about their feelings and new learning experiences.  The acquisition of math skills occurs while using real objects, real/play money, and math flashcards and games. Students enjoy using technology, such as iPad programs to practice what they’ve learned. Learning is fun in our class!