Birth Control

Contraception is a topic that is often hard to talk about.  Be brave and have a conversation with your parent, guardian, doctor or another trusted adult.  We won't all agree on the topic birth control of birth control.  Our families, our faiths and our cultures all play important roles in making life decisions.  It is important to do your homework and have the best knowledge available when you make a decision on contraception.  Not only does birth control reduce the risk of a pregnancy, some methods also help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  Know that the most effective birth control is abstinence.


No one method is perfect for everyone.  Take this quiz to find out which method might be best for you.


Consult with your primary care physician or OBGYN about which birth control method is best for you.  Contraceptive options are available by prescription from your doctor or through Planned Parenthood.  Cost varies by method.  Effectiveness also varies by method. 

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