Posted on 05/10/2013
Brazos High School has the opportunity to give our ESL students the much needed one on one assistance.  more
Posted on 05/03/2013
Cinco de Mayo at South Waco was a big success!  more
Ms. Burns with ELL Students
Posted on 04/26/2013
J.H. Hines ESL students are experiencing growth by making learning fun with more hands on experiences and a lot of differentiation.   more
Posted on 04/19/2013
Family participation plays an integral role in the success of Hillcrest Professional Development School’s ESL students.   more
Posted on 04/12/2013
Brook Avenue bilingual teachers strive for student academic success while acknowledging their students’ socio-economic and cultural background.   more
Posted on 04/05/2013
Alta Vista’s bilingual and ESL students are progressing every day.   more
Dr. Seuss
Posted on 03/26/2013
All students had fun on Dr. Seuss day at South Waco and Cedar Ridge.  more
Posted on 03/21/2013
University High School is seeing great improvements!  more
Posted on 02/08/2013
Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas awarded Maria Cristina Cleveland, Alta Vista’s 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher, as their Outstanding Program Participant at its Annual Award of Excellence Banquet .  more
Posted on 02/06/2013
This year at South Waco Elementary has been full of new experiences!   more
Posted on 01/30/2013
Cedar Ridge Third Grade Bilingual students win big at the UIL Chess tournament.  more
Posted on 01/30/2013
Provident Heights is having a great year!  more
Posted on 01/23/2013
At Dean Highland we use a variety of ESL strategies to create a classroom climate that respects and values cultural diversity.   more
Students working at Crestview
Posted on 01/16/2013
Crestview is having a wonderful year full of academic success!   more
Posted on 12/07/2012
We had over 40 participants of whom learned everything from how to interpret case scenarios to how to apply the law.  more
Posted on 12/05/2012
We are off to a wonderful year at West Avenue Elementary!   more
Posted on 12/03/2012
Students in the primary grades are working hard to make the transition into English as soon as possible.   more
Posted on 10/01/2012
It’s a new school year at Bell’s Hill Elementary – New & Improved 2012!   more