Posted on 06/08/2016
Here is a sampling of what we have accomplished this year with your ongoing support.  more
Posted on 02/23/2016
The ELL Department has developed an exciting and interactive Reading Comprehension and Questioning Strategies Workshop for the month of March.   more
Posted on 02/04/2016
Linguistic accommodations are explained for the STAAR program.  more
Posted on 01/12/2016
Come join us for an informational, highly engaging afternoon of learning where teachers will learn valuable strategies to help ELLs increase their vocabulary and grasp of academic language.  more
Posted on 12/07/2015
Why "context clues" are not always helpful for our ELLs: Great strategies to help your ELLs.  more
Posted on 11/18/2015
So many apps, so little time. Come and discover the latest and greatest apps for your ELLs.   more
Posted on 11/03/2015
Back by popular demand – Anchor Chart Training.  more
Posted on 10/27/2015
Come join us at our next ESL/Bilingual PLC and Toolkit where teachers will learn holistic and graphophonic reading strategies developed by educational researchers, Judith Cohen and Wendy Cheney.  more
Posted on 10/07/2015
October's Bilingual Teacher Academy and ESL PLC will focus on Phonemic Awareness.   more
Posted on 10/02/2015
In this month’s ELL Toolkit, we will take a closer look at how to create anchor charts.  more
Posted on 09/25/2015
Please bring your questions to our interactive and informative LPAC question and answer session.  more
Posted on 09/25/2015
Sign up today for the ESL Academy coming October 3 and November 7.  more
Posted on 09/24/2015
Come share your valuable thoughts and input.  more
Posted on 09/10/2015
Thank you for attending our first District PLC meeting!  more
Posted on 09/03/2015
Join our District ESL and Newcomer PLC September 8.  more
Posted on 09/02/2015
Our first ELL Toolkit meeting was a great success!  more
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Posted on 08/28/2015
Please join us on September 1st at North Waco for this month's ELL Toolkit!  more
Child Reading
Posted on 08/19/2015
by Grace Benson, Ed. S.  more
ELL World
Posted on 08/13/2015
A few strategies that we have found useful.   more
Posted on 08/11/2015
This is Know Your Schools, 2015 and today we are speaking with Grace Benson, Waco ISD's Director of ELL.  more
Posted on 08/10/2015
The ELL department will host a monthly ESL/Bilingual District PLC Meeting.  more
Posted on 07/23/2015
“Comprehension depends on knowing between 90% and 95% of the words in a text” (Calderon, M.).  more