An Educational System That Works for the Children

An Educational System That Works for the Children
Posted on 02/14/2013
Valentine's Day is a favored holiday among children.  With Valentine's Day this year occurring so soon after the Sandy Hook and other school shooting tragedies, we are reminded of the sacred value of life.  Be it a relative, a friend, someone we know only through the media, or the many people we know not at all; each is an individual of worth.

The heart is the recognized symbol of Valentine's Day and there are many things that require "heart".  None of those things are more important than making our educational system work for children.  Regardless of skin color, address, or background, we want each WISD child to share the dream denied to those children slain at Sandy Hook.  Thank you for your role in WISD's efforts to make into reality the dream of a bright future for every WISD child.

May this Valentine's Day be heart-warming for you!
Bonny Cain