Are you wearing red or purple?

Are you wearing red or purple?
Posted on 10/17/2013
Lake Air Hall of Fame Game
Waco High Head Coach Marty Herbst and University High Head Coach Keith Willis, along with some of their players, encourage students at Lake Air Montessori School to attend the game on Friday night.

Waco ISD Hall of Fame game promises fun for everyone

"Are you wearing red or purple?” has been a much-repeated question by students at Lake Air Montessori School this week as they pass in the hallway or during their lunch break.

This week, the school has combined Earth Science Week with Waco ISD’s Spirit Week in anticipation of the Waco ISD Athletic Hall of Fame Game on Friday, October 18.

As a magnet school, students must apply to attend the campus from all over the city of Waco. Therefore, the school does not fit within a particular attendance zone or feeder pattern leading to a specific high school, leaving the students free to choose between wearing red or purple to the game on Friday night between the Waco High Lions and University High Trojans.

To conduct an unofficial poll, and to promote school spirit, Principal Jessica Hicks asked the students to proudly wear their “colors” on Thursday, October 17, a day ahead of the big game. The students were secretly hoping that their team spirit might attract the attention of at least one of the two coaches.

Hicks made plans for the students wearing red to form a giant “W” while the students wearing purple would form one huge “U.” The students who were still undecided could dress in any color and fit into the middle, making the shape of large football.

Earlier in the day, Hicks had the letters and the ball carefully chalked outside on the courtyard. At 2pm, a sea of purple and a sea of red flooded outside in single file lines, mixed with an occasional brown, blue, black, green, white, orange or yellow.

And just as the students’ completed their formations, they were surprised to see Waco High Head Coach Marty Herbst and University High Head Coach Keith Willis appear, each followed by a handful of football players. The visit was a big surprise for the students, who erupted into cheers at the sight of the players and coaches.

This week, Lake Air Montessori has integrated “Earth Science Week” into Waco ISD spirit week with lessons incorporating science and football. Studying the Earth, students’ discovered where the colors purple, red and brown could be found in the layers of the Earth’s crust.

When a ball is thrown, science concepts like force and motion are employed. And to celebrate National Fossil Day, the school had a “Trojans Dig-In Day” offering students hands-on opportunities with fossils while discussing the Trojan War and why the city of Troy is a famous archeological site.

The Waco ISD Athletics Hall of Fame Game will take place on Friday, October 18, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. at the Waco ISD Stadium. Former University High Trojan LaDainian Tomlinson and Former Waco High Lion Derrick Johnson will be inducted into the Waco ISD Athletics Hall of Fame during the game. Former Waco ISD Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees will also be introduced at the game.

In addition to the induction, there will be a third-quarter sprint race, “Score for your School,” for 15 fifth-grade students, each representing a Waco ISD elementary school. The winning fifth-grader will earn a pizza party for his or her entire grade.

The Waco ISD Hall of Fame game is a friendly cross-town rivalry between University High and Waco High that promises an evening of fun for the entire family. For Waco ISD, it is an opportunity to foster and encourage school spirit and team pride in younger students.

And if the Lake Air Montessori School “unofficial” poll of colors is any prediction of things to come, it’s going to be a close game, maybe even a tie.