College Search Web Resources

The college planning team at created a holistic financial aid guide specifically for Hispanic and Latino students. They provide context for how students can best take advantage of available resources while offering a comprehensive listing of 40+ scholarship and grant opportunities.

An education-focused resource that includes several comprehensive database which allows anyone to search for accredited online schools throughout the nation, specific online degree programs, or online colleges in Texas that can help you pursue an education and career of your choice.

The nice thing about this website is provides you with an estimate of your estimated family contribution (E.F.C.) calculator, a great tool that will help you determine what your estimated family contribution could be expected to be, which is used to determine your financial aid needs.

This site allows you to apply to many Texas colleges, as well as to any participating community and private colleges at the same time. You are also able to submit your application essays on this website. Instead of writing multiple applications to multiple colleges, you are now using one application for multiple colleges.

The Brazos Education Foundation provides scholarships to graduating seniors in Title one high schools in the McLennan County area. This site provides helpful information and resources to students such as the college preparation calendar, the career assessment tool, tips on writing a successful scholarship essay, as well as an online scholarship application. Parents and students can get helpful information by following the foundation on Facebook and Twitter.

This is an excellent website for learning about how SAT essays and it lists the different grading criteria. This site will help students know how to prepare for writing high-scoring essays.

This comprehensive site includes information for planning and paying for your college education in the state of Texas, along with other tools such as a college match-up feature. If you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost to attend college, and where you need to apply, this site will help you in doing just that.

On this site you are able to register for the selective service act after your eighteenth birthday. Failure to register could prevent the male from receiving future grants and scholarships.

This is the site where you will fill out the online FAFSA application. If you choose to fill out the paper you are to call the number provided on the site and request a paper FAFSA. This site also provides a school code search that will help you when trying to find your school codes.

This site offers a scholarship search engine that will provide the student with a list of scholarship based on information that the student enters into the website.

This site allows the student and parent to apply for a PIN number which allows you to file the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically.