March 2017  
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Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events. We are looking forward to an exciting new school year.

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WISD Administration Building
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Phone: (254) 755-9473
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Advanced Academics

Front Row: Director - Scott McClanahan; Instructional Specialists - Carla Donaldson and Kayla Kubitza
Second Row: Administrative Assistant: Samantha Smith and Assistant Director, Ashlee Duncan
Back Row: GT Enrichment Teachers - Pamela Gallagher, Amanda Coatney, Lindsey LeGrand, Amanda Ziegler and Carolyn Cummings

Building Bridges to Post-Secondary Success

Waco ISD's newest program has arrived!

Save time and tens of thousands of dollars by completing a college degree while still in high school.

 Program Information, Frequently Asked Questions, and Degree Plans.

 The Advanced Academic Services department, in cooperation with the Waco Foundation, will host a series of student/parent workshops. 
 These workshops are designed to help increase the success of our students and set them on a trajectory to a four-year degree. 
For our brochure, click here.
Click the session titles below to access the Powerpoint presentations from the sessions or the links to access the session handouts or video. 

These sessions will focus on the following topics: 
Session 1: Preparing for College Rigor - 9/13/16
(handouts)  (video)
Session 2:  College Essay Workshop Wednesday #1 - 09/14/16 
Session 3: How do choose and apply for college? - 9/27/16 
Session 4: Navigating the World of College Testing - 10/4/16 
(handouts) (video)
Session 5: How do I pay for College? Financial Aid workshop - 10/11/16 
Session 6: Dual Credit? What is Dual Credit?  - 11/29/16
(2 PowerPoint for this session; click on a question above to access each)
(handout)  (video)
Session 7:  What I learned in high school: Lessons Learned. - 1/3/17 
 We look forward to having you all attend!

Home school students within Waco ISD

Advanced Placement testing will take place on between May 1 and May 12. For information on participating in AP testing administered in Waco ISD, contact the Department of Advanced Academics at 254-755-9519. 

Mentors Needed
The Advanced Academics Department is also looking to build a group of Advanced Academics Partners for our elementary GT students. Waco ISD provides reading buddies and mentors for at-risk students, but we would like to provide a similar service for our advanced gifted students. 

We are looking for volunteers who

have subject area knowledge and/or are willing to meet with students
        once a week during their scheduled ANCHOR time to assist in the
        research process,
are willing to meet with a small group of students after school one day a
        week for enrichment and/or assistance with the research process,
are willing to meet with individual students, or a small group, once a week
        during lunch time for an advanced reading club/lunch

Please let us know if you would be interested in becoming a Waco ISD Advanced Academics Partner by emailing Advanced Academics at Thank you!



  • Gifted and Talented (GT)
  • ATLAS Academy
  • Advanced Placement-AP/Pre-AP
  • Academic and Workforce Dual Credit
  • ACCELERATE Early Degree Program
  • Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI)
  • College Readiness
  • National History Day Competition
  • Science Fair
  • Destination Imagination
  • Academic Decathlon
  • Mock Trial
  • Academic UIL events

Advanced Academic Services of Waco ISD is dedicated to providing the most appropriate educational services for gifted and talented students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The gifted and talented students are engaged and challenged at every level. Elementary GT students receive services through differentiated instruction in the GT cluster classrooms. Identified kindergarten students begin receiving services in March. Secondary GT students receive differentiated instruction through the Pre-AP/AP and Dual Credit classrooms.


Our purpose is to promote rigor, depth, complexity and challenge for the District's advanced and gifted learners, with the goal of providing the opportunity to produce advanced products and performances.