Spotlight on Lake Air Montessori

Spotlight on Lake Air Montessori
Posted on 06/06/2014

student 1Dr. Maria Montessori wrote:  “To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” 

At Lake Air Montessori Magnet School the primary goal for the classroom routine is to provide a setting that nurtures concentration and successful work. 

According to Mrs. Sabido, primary bilingual/ELL teacher, “This is an exciting time for Pre-K and kindergarten ELL classes. Our multi-age communities are working towards mastering academic standards through the Montessori curriculum, and the children are actively engaging in hands-on student 2experiences.”

 During the 4th six week grading period, the kindergarten students are focusing on writing, reading and analyzing sentences to identify different parts of grammar, including articles, adjectives and nouns.  Our pre-K students are mastering their letter names and sounds as they learn to spell and read “consonant/vowel/consonant” words. In math, most of our ELL primary students are adding, subtracting, and building and labeling quantities ranging from 1 to 9000! In science, our classes are differentiating animals according to their characteristics and learning about their life cycles, environments and adaptations. We are also learning about the solar system and the special relationships between the Earth, the moon and the sun.

gardenMrs. Bain, who also teaches ELL primary students, extends their science learning by hands-on experiments on the school grounds, especially in the Green Classroom White House Garden.  Students have worked with soil, worms, plant parts like roots, grown and explored sunflower seed heads, and are now looking forward to their carrots and other cold weather crops.

 In Social Studies, primary students are using materials to organize the order of the seasons, the months of the year and the days of the week as we learn to use the calendar.

students 3According to Mrs. Anna Blake, ELL teacher of lower elementary students in grades 1-3,“Our children have very different talents, home languages, learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and needs.  Because the Montessori Method values the individual, we recognize that English Language Learners thrive with Montessori teaching methods.  We are particularly successful with the emphasis on hands-on learning and materials.  This helps children push themselves academically while simultaneously building language skills.”  

Mark Cross, Persia Manning, and Elizabeth Hunter also work with  lower elementary ELL students.

Ms. Bassett, Mrs. Williamson, and Mrs. Smith all work with ELL intermediate students in multi-aged classroom for grades 4-6.  They convey, "Throughout all subjects,  especially ELAR, we provide visual representations through anchor charts, allow wait time after asking questions, provide cooperative learning through purposeful groupings, and work with our students in one-on-one tutoring."  These strategies are also used by 7th and 8th grade ELL teachers, Ms. Courtney Copas and

Mr. David Gibson, as they utilize multi-level study guides that feature rigorous levels of reading comprehension and vocabulary in all core subjects.  At Lake Air Montessori Magnet School, all teachers and administrators support our ELL students, and together we have created a nurturing and safe environment where independence, discovery  and self-initiative take place in the classroom and throughout the campus.  Parent involvement during evening Literacy Night and the campus Book Fair also support student learning.