Bragging About Brazos

Bragging About Brazos
Posted on 01/12/2015


Brazos High Credit Recovery is making a difference in the lives of young Wacoans who may have thought about giving up on earning a high school diploma. In December alone, 20 students graduated after earning the required number of credits.

Members of the graduating class of December 2014 ranged from a teenager who was able to graduate a semester earlier than her Waco High counterparts to a 21-year-old former dropout who returned to school to earn his high school diploma.

That 21-year-old's name is Marlon Limones. While working a full-time job as a porter at Greg May Honda, Marlon spent his day off during the week at Brazos earning course credits.

"I knew that if I wanted to advance my career, I needed my diploma," said Limones. "I enjoy working at Greg May Honda and would someday like to join the sales team."

Limones and the other 19 recent graduates will be given the opportunity to participate in an official Waco ISD commencement ceremony in June.

In total, Brazos students earned an incredible 410 course credits during the Fall semester. Waco ISD is extremely proud of its Brazos students who are taking advantage of an opportunity to earn a diploma and extends kudos to the Brazos faculty for a job well done.

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