New Faces in Waco ISD 1-26-2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 01-26-2015
Posted on 01/26/2015

New Faces in Waco ISD

This Waco ISD welcomes several new faces.



Amber Maldonado – Spc. Ed. Aide

“I love working with children.”


 Kristina May – 7th and 8th grade Science


Melanie Irene Silva – Choir Director

“I am excited to work for Waco ISD because I’m finally able to do what I love and share music with my students. I’m very passionate about music and I love teaching”


Latiqua Willis – SIT Teacher

“I love working with children, and helping them to reach goals that they never thought were possible.”


Chuck Viladevall – Technology Teacher

“I’m really looking forward to being part of the Tennyson/Atlas community!”