Action Research Symposium

Action Research Symposium
Posted on 04/13/2015

 The Science of Wondering

The event has become known as "The Science of Wondering." Recently, dozens of teacher interns from the Baylor University School of Education displayed the experimentation and research they have been conducting in classrooms throughout Waco ISD.

Formally called the Action Research Symposium, the event featured the work of senior teacher interns and a handful of junior teacher associates who have spent hundreds of hours on Waco ISD campuses. In addition to assisting classroom teachers with day-to-day activities, the Baylor students conducted research using Waco ISD students.

"We are in an era that requires teachers to constantly improve their craft," Superintendent Dr. Bonny Cain told the Baylor interns. "The projects on display today are an integral part of that craft and demonstrate that you have become smarter and better teachers because of the exercise."

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