An outreach project in microbiology

An outreach project in microbiology
Posted on 04/01/2015

Carver_Baylor_ScienceA community outreach project by Baylor University biology students has become an outstanding learning opportunity for students at G.W. Carver Middle School. Valerie Stanford who teaches seventh-grade science could not resist the offer when Baylor Microbiology Lab Coordinator Claudia Carvalho called from Baylor several weeks ago with the idea of bringing her biology students to Carver. The end result was four hands-on DNA extraction activities that had the seventh-graders both fascinated and focused. And the interaction between the middle schoolers and college students was priceless.

"One of the best ways to learn about science is to teach," said Carvalho. "My students are having a great time sharing their knowledge about microbiology. Plus, some of my students want to pursue a career in science education."

"Hands-on learning is always the way to go," added Stanford. "I want to spark my students' interest in science. I want them to like science because science is important."

The outreach project concludes next week when Carver students visit the Baylor campus to make presentations in front of Biology Department faculty members about what they learned from the experiments.