Roles & Responsibilities

  • Research & disseminate grant funding opportunities from local, state, and federal sources to the
    district’s campuses, departments, and administrators
  • Interpret grantor requests and guidelines with respect to WISD capacities and needs
  • Assist in the determination of eligibility for proposal-specific funding
  • Facilitate the planning, design, budget, and evaluation process for grant proposals
  • Supply support and guidance for the Project Point of Contact of all grant-funded projects
  • Ensure timely, thorough, and complete submissions of grant proposals to funders
  • Provide compliance and oversight for the timeline, reporting, and review processes of active grants in order to maintain conformity to program design and fidelity to funding requirements
  • Coordinate the hiring of grant-funded personnel with the Human Resources Department
  • Demonstrate & encourage a high level of fiduciary stewardship
  • Mediate the communication between district personnel, educational partners/stakeholders, and
    external evaluators
  • Attend site visits and on-site auditing/monitoring by funders
  • Provide a central location for grant files
  • Maintain a high level of integrity in utilizing grant funds as intended