How to Apply For a Grant

Process for Applying

  1. Fill out the Intent To Apply form and submit it to the Grants Management Department (GMD) by email, grants [at] wacoisd [dot] org, fax, (254) 753-3457.
  2. Depending on the size of the grant, the GMD will work with you in some capacity on the process of applying for the grant.
  3. Contact the GMD when you are notified about whether or not you have received the grant.
  4. If you are awarded the grant, the GMD will work with you in some capacity (depending on the size of the grant) on evaluation, monitoring and reporting for the grant.
  5. Share copies of any communications with funders about the grant and other information with the GMD, even if you don't receive the grant.

Scope of Grant Proposals

  • Types of Grant Initiatives
    • Campus – one or more  schools connected by a single project
    • Department/Program  – e.g., GWAMA, Curriculum, Fine Arts
    • District – e.g., homeless students, library materials, afterschool

Levels of Assistance from the GMD

  • Level I  – Informational Assistance  (Grants under $2,000)
    • Funding sources
    • Tips & examples
    • Templates of common information (needs, demographics, budget)
    • Consultation via email
  • Level II  – Technical Assistance  (Grants from $2,000 - $25,000)
    • All items listed in Level I
    • RFP analysis
    • Assistance with editing & budget
    • Proposal review
  • Level III  – Developmental Assistance  (Grants over $25,000)
    • All items listed in Level I & Level II
    • Coordinate contact with funder
    • Consult on planning, timeline, budget & evaluation
    • Transitional support from Notification of Grant Award (NOGA) to implementation

Resources for finding a grant

There are a lot of websites with information about grants and it can be overwhelming. Here are some sites that can help you find the grant you're looking for, tell you more about the funder of those grants and help you understand the grant seeking process.

Grant Wrangler- Excellent resource for educators that collects education grants into a centralized, easily searchable location.

Grant Seeking Primer from Scholastic- Here's a great resource for understanding the grant seeking process written specifically for teachers

Things to remember

  • Not all "grants" are actually grants. A grant is broadly described as a gift given for a particular purpose.  Specific to our context, a grant is:
    • A non-repayable financial award
    • Accompanied by conditional qualifications as to the use of funds
    • Given by an entity (this “grantor” is often a government agency, a corporation, a foundation, or a charitable organization)
    • Given to an eligible recipient (this “grantee” is usually a nonprofit entity, an educational institution, a business, or an individual)
    • To be used for specified purposes
  • Not all grants are a good match. We are here to help you with that.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for submitting the grant. You will need anywhere from several weeks to several months from the deadline for the grant depending on the application requirements and process.