Restorative Discipline coming to Waco ISD

Restorative Discipline coming to Waco ISD
Posted on 07/21/2015

Waco High and Carver Middle piloting discipline model

Two Waco ISD campuses, Waco High and Carver Middle, will be joining a statewide effort this year to change the way school discipline is administered in public schools. The schools are piloting Restorative Discipline, a prevention-oriented approach that fosters accountability and amends-making to resolve school conflicts such as bullying, truancy and disruptive behavior.

The overriding goal of implementing the Restorative model is to reduce the number of school suspensions that ultimately result in multiple days of lost instruction, academic failure and increasing dropout rates. Research also shows that school suspensions disproportionately affect African-American Special Education students over the General Education population, a statewide statistic that holds true at Waco ISD. The District will be closely monitoring discipline data at Waco High and Carver in hopes of closing the gap.

According to the Texas Education Agency, a San Antonio middle school that implemented Restorative Discipline saw an 87 percent drop in out-of-school suspensions after the first year. As a result, the school climate improved dramatically and student performance climbed.

Please watch our panel interview to learn more about Restorative Discipline and its implementation in Waco ISD.