Giving Contributions/Donations

UIL Guidelines

The UIL has guidelines concerning gifts or donations to the school. Please refer to the UIL Guidelines under the Following the Rules section of the Booster Club guidelines. The information listed in the Following the Rules section is not all-inclusive and is subject to change by the UIL. Therefore, for the most up-to-date version of this information and to find out about other UIL guidelines, please go to the UIL’s website at

District Guidelines

When you donate cash, checks, services or noncash items to the school or district, please complete the Contribution Form and submit to the Principal. If cash or check is involved, please attach the check/money order to the form.

Board policy CDC requires all gifts and grants from private sources to be "included among the total receipts of the District which are reported in the annual financial statement".

Accordingly, all gifts/donations/in-kind services are required to be processed through the campus front office, as applicable, and reported to Coordinator of Community Resources in the Communications Department, via the Contribution Form.

Any gift valued at $100 or greater may be accepted by the Superintendent or designee, i.e., principal.

Any gift valued at $2,000 or more is required to be presented to the Board for approval prior to acceptance.

Any gift of a fixed asset, e.g., playground equipment, computer, etc., must be presented for approval to the Superintendent, and in some instances the Board, prior to acceptance.