New Faces In Waco ISD 9-08-2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 9-08-2015
Posted on 09/08/2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 9-08-2015

Join us in welcoming our newest Waco ISD employees.

Griselda Mata – Aide/Bilingual ESL – Cesar Chavez
“I am excited to be part of WISD family. After working in early childhood education for 17 years, I am ready for this new challenge.”





Amanda Yaden – Math Teacher - GWAMA
“I have been teaching for 3 years.  I am excited to work for a district that has been so welcoming to me.”


Caroline Williams – PreK Aide – Parkdale Elementary
“I am beyond excited to start working for Waco ISD and to also teach children to be their best every day.  I really hope to show my students that learning is Fun! ”



William Matta – Teacher – Waco High School
“I personally have always had an interest in sciences, especially life science. I am eager to share my excitement with the students of Waco High and hopefully ignite their own interest in science.”