Bilingual Teacher Academy and ESL PLC

Bilingual Teacher Academy and ESL PLC
Posted on 10/07/2015

October's Bilingual Teacher Academy and ESL PLC will focus on Phonemic Awareness. As you know, phonological awareness is paramount ELLs as "some phonemes in the English language may not be present in their first language" (Antunez, 2002). Moreover, "children's minds are trained to categorize phonemes in their first language, which may conflict with English phonemes (International Reading Association, 2001). We look forward to seeing the teachers!

Bilingual  and ESL teachers will learn about the importance of phonemic awareness instruction for ELLs. During this interactive academy meeting, teachers will learn the Making Words Strategy by Cunningham. They will see the strategy in action in a short video clip of a lesson where this strategy is modeled by a teacher working with ELLs during Guided Reading. They will also learn how to use Elkonin boxes to help students build phonological awareness via the manipulation of phonemes and graphemes. The session will also include a make and take activity and teachers will  make resources to use with the Making Words strategy and Elkonin boxes when working with students.

Mrs. Delony and the wonderful staff at Brook Avenue will be hosting our Bilingual Teacher Academy for the October meeting. We greatly appreciate you and all that you do for all of the students and teachers, Mrs. Delony! Thank you so much for hosting us!


Location: Brook Avenue

Date: October 20, 2015

Time: 4:00-5:00