UHS Students Visit the Texas Supreme Court

Posted on 10/15/2015
Students from University High School’s Academy of Law and Criminal Justice were honored to be guests of Justice Jeff Boyd at the Texas Supreme Court in Austin.  The students arrived at the Capitol complex and visited the Supreme Court Building where they witnessed an actual Oral Argument taking place before the nine Supreme Court Justices.  Once the Court adjourned for the day, Justice Boyd was most kind and gracious in welcoming the students to the Court, entertaining questions from the students, and providing a day-in-the-life description of what a Supreme Court Justice does as well as providing an explanation of the Appellate Court procedure and the role of the Supreme Court in Texas.  After the question and answer session, Justice Boyd gave the students a behind-the-scenes tour of the robe room explaining the significance of the room and how the Justice’s robes are hung in order of seniority.  Students then walked the very path the Justices walk each time they are to take their seats on the bench in order of seniority.  

Supreme court