Join Us for the November ESL/BIL PLC and Toolkit Session

Posted on 10/27/2015

Facilitating the Decoding Process for ELLs: Holistic and Graphophonic Reading Strategies

 finding a word

Have you ever wanted to learn great research-based strategies that would allow you to reach even your most struggling readers or yearned to see the “a-ha” moments when ELLs who are struggling with decoding finally made connections with text? Come join us at our next ESL/Bilingual PLC and Toolkit where teachers will learn holistic and graphophonic reading strategies developed by educational researchers, Judith Cohen and Wendy Cheney. The incredible work of Dr. Cheney and Dr. Cohen provides educators with evidence-based (and highly engaging) holistic and graphophonic reading strategies that can easily be implemented with ELLs who are struggling with decoding. This is a wonderful toolkit for all grade levels as many of our ELLs struggle with decoding which in turn greatly compromises their fluency and comprehension. Come and join us for this insightful and interactive session where attendees will also receive amazing instructional resources that you will not only be able to use immediately in your classrooms but your students will also love as they are student friendly and highly effective with even the most struggling readers.

If you have ever wanted to engage your ELLs in phonics instruction, this is the toolkit for you!

Location: Wiley Opportunity Center, Cafeteria         

1030 E. Live Oak Street    Waco, TX

Date: November 10th                                   

Time: 4:00-5:00