The U Show

Posted on 10/30/2015
The U Show appeared seemingly out of nowhere on October 20, 2015 and took over the normal Morning Announcements for University High School. Students instantly took a liking to the Show when it first aired and soon firmly planted itself as the daily announcements. So much so that the student populous has started to look for ways to integrate themselves into the show.

The U Show, as stated above took over the Morning Announcements that was previously done by Mr. Troy Tinney - who had gratefully relinquished the announcements to the U Show stating that “The students really enjoy the morning announcements now, there’s been such a positive reaction and the show is quite entertaining to watch.”

The U Show reports news concerning the school and its students at University High.  The people behind the Show are the students from the Audio/Video production class, each class working to gather and prepare information about what goes on in and around the school for their fellow students to hear every morning at the end of 2nd Period (around 11:12 A.M.).

The U Show itself was born from the combined effort of Dr. Strange, Mr. Massey, Mrs. Reiher, Mr. Taverner who had been looking for a way to get the students more engaged with the announcements and to increase pride in the school and highlight the achievements of the students at University High School.

To follow the Show go to University High School website under the News Tab and look for The U Show.

the u show

This Article was written by Devin L. Lopez and reviewed by Mr. Taverner