Thank you from a Waco ISD teacher

Thank you from a Waco ISD teacher
Posted on 11/03/2015

Final Tally

Story by Mary Duty, CCMS Teacher

Tonight (Nov. 3) we saw the system work. As a teacher of children, I could not be more excited. Many months ago, Superintendent Dr. Bonny Cain went from campus to campus and sat down with teachers and asked them what they would like to see in their schools.

Teachers shared their wish lists for the perfect school. We knew that all of us would not get everything we wanted. Over time the ideas were consolidated to the point that we knew what had to happen for us to be successful. We needed more reading teachers in the early grades, "re-set" classrooms to improve school climate in the middle schools, expansion of Brazos Credit Recovery to improve the services to kids there, and to provide more opportunities for kids to take college level courses in high school. It was a tall order. But the order was driven from the trenches, from conversations with teachers.....from children's classrooms.

We took this dream to the voters. The School Board, staff and parents spent untold hours explaining the benefits of the TRE. People made phone calls, talked to the neighbors, wrote guest columns, and burned up social media. You know who you are. And we DID IT! Kids won tonight.

This initiative will transform classrooms and change lives. We only have a few minutes to let this sink in. Then it is off to bed to get a few hours sleep. Then we get ready to greet Waco's children for another day in the classroom.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Waco voters. Thank you for taking the time to cast your ballot for the future of our children.

Mrs. Mary Duty is a middle school social studies and history teacher, currently at Cesar Chavez Middle School. She also often contributes to the Waco Tribune Herald and is a life-long advocate for Public Education in Texas.