New Faces In Waco ISD 11-2-2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 11-2-2015
Posted on 11/02/2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 11-02-2015

Join us in welcoming our newest Waco ISD employees.

Christina Rodriquez - Aide/Primary Literacy - Parkdale
“I have a heart to help kids.  I am excited that Waco ISD is giving me this opportunity.  It is a big blessing.”


Matrena Burks - Aide/Primary Literacy - Alta Vista 
“I want to have a hand in the education of our children and to teach them that they are special and can achieve anything.”


Niki Taylor - Aide/Primary Literacy - J.H. Hines
“I am a law school graduate and I hope to bring my education and experience to Waco ISD in order to help our community flourish.”


Veronica Angulo - Aide/Primary Literacy - Dean Highland
"I am excited to work at Waco ISD because I will be doing something I love to do, working with students and their families.”


Melissa Hampton - RESET Teacher - Alta Vista
"I am excited to be working for Waco ISD because I was once a student in the Waco school district.  I want to make a difference in the lives of children, just like the opportunity which was given to me as a student."


Stacy Lewis - Aide/RESET - Crestview
"I am outgoing and I have a bubbly personality.  I have always had a passion to work with children and I am excited to know Waco ISD supports its staff for this."



Christina Jergons - Aide/Primary Literacy - Mountainview
"After working with children in child care for five years, Waco ISD is providing me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming an educator."


Christina Acuna - Aide/Primary Literacy - Crestview
"I love children and my goal is to help a child learn and succeed in life.  I am excited to work for Waco ISD.  I know I will make a difference. "