Posted on 11/05/2015
The newly elected officers of Skills USA of 2015-2016 attended the Fall Leadership Conference at TSTC on October 30, 2015. The president, Vice President, and Secretary attended the “What does my Officer Position Really Do?” session. Where we learned what we do in our positions, so we can make our program more organized. We also learned what each individual position does, and their responsibilities. We learned how to properly run a formal Skills USA meeting, and the Skills USA pledge. Now when the Skills USA club at Waco high has a meeting we will be able to properly conduct a formal meeting, and be able to recite the Skills USA pledge.  As for the Under-Secretary, Treasurer, Recorder, and Sergeant at Arms attended the “Ground Ropes Course” session. Where they joined in on team building activities, and learned team development skills and how to work for effectively as a team. At The Ground Ropes Course the Under-Secretary, Treasure, And Sergeant at Arms Worked on team building exercises, Working together and communicating with each other and with the other schools that attended. For Example, there was a rope exercise and we a had to make a shape with it and sometimes we would have our eyes and mouth closed and it would be hard to communicate with our teams. This exercise helped us work as a team.

Submitted by
President David Basio
Vise President Lexie Field
Sargent-at Arms Jan De Leon.