December 2015

December 2015 - Student of the Month - Melisa Rodriguez
Posted on 11/30/2015


Melisa Rodrigues
Grade: 12
Waco High School Academy of Architecture

My name is Melisa Rodriguez and I am a senior at Waco High School. Since middle school, I have dreamed of working in the architecture field and designing buildings. I am very grateful for the architecture program at Waco High School because I have gained a lot of knowledge through the classes that I have taken. like Interior Design, where I learned about how to design a house and how to make the items in a house work together, Architectural Design, where I learned about landscaping and CAD drawings, and Advanced Architectural Design, where I learned how to make organized blueprints and elaborated more on what I learned in my other classes. My teacher, Floyd Smith, has taught me information I thought I wouldn’t learn until college. I am glad I was able to have him as my teacher, and thanks to him, I believe I am well prepared for a bright future. This program helped me confirm that this is the field that I want to delve into, and I can’t wait to further expand my knowledge about architecture.

With the computer program that we have, I have been able to gain real-life experience and actually design my own houses and buildings. I have gained skills that I will need when I am in college and when I am actually working in this field.  I am planning on furthering my education at a college or university in Texas and earning my bachelor’s or master’s degree in Architecture. I am excited for my future and don’t think that any other program could have prepared me any better.