GWAMA and Star Wars

GWAMA and Star Wars
Posted on 12/17/2015
GWAMA will be displaying metal art in a CTAC art exhibit at the Hippodrome until January 14th.  The exhibit is inspired by the new Star Wars movie that will be released this Friday, December 18th.  After January 14th, it will then move to the Waco Symphony for an exhibit there. The following students were involved:

Tyler Longoria - Waco High Senior
Juan Balderas - University Senior
Mark Gurrola - Waco High Senior
Dazhia Mata-Thorn - Waco High Senior
Alex Acuna - McGregor High Senior
Alexis Salas - Waco High Senior
Cole Witt - Midway High Senior
Jarred McLellan - Midway High Junior
Esther Garciapina - Waco High Senior
Jonathan Esqueda - Waco High Senior
Gabriel Ledesma - Waco High Senior