Kudos from January to June 2015

Kudos from January to June 2015
Posted on 06/28/2015

Date: 06/28/2015
Employee praised: Mrs. Childress, The WHS Musical Theatre, Mrs. Marshall
Location: Waco High School
Accolade sent by: TaQuaria Weaver, Waco ISD Parent

We just finished our Summer Overture Production of Lion King, Jr. We built sets, made costumes and props, and taught the kids the songs and stage blocking in one week. It took hard work and she and the other directors did it! And the show was amazing!

Date: 06/04/2015
Employee praised: Mrs. Macpherson
Location: Lake Air Montessori
Accolade sent by: Phillip Fields, Waco ISD Parent

Mrs. 'Mac' has done an amazing job with my son, Daniel. She started with him at the end of last school year. This is the first year he has been at the same school all year long. With his special needs he can be a challenge but Mrs. 'Mac' and her staff have handled him great. Thank you very much.

Date: 04/25/2015
Employee praised: Connie Sloan
Location: Mountainview Elementary
Accolade sent by: Amanda Edwards, Waco ISD Parent

Connie has gone above and beyond, making sure my son succeeds in all of his endeavors. She has had conversations with me after school has ended, during her conference period, and sometimes just during a break in activities. I appreciate everything she has done. It is teachers like her that make a difference in a child's life, and inspire others to "do good".

Date: 03/04/2015
Employee praised: UHS Band Staff
Location: University High School
Accolade sent by: Melissa Turner, Waco ISD Parent & Teacher/Staff

Mr. Hatten and Mr. Olivo have influenced, supported, taught, and encouraged my boys to not only learn music, but to love playing music. Their approach and techniques of reaching each band member shows at every band function. It shows in the students' performance as well as their appearance, their smiles and the pride shown in each and every one of them.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the UHS Band program.

Date: 03/04/2015
Employee praised: David Ellis, Truancy and Dropout Prevention
Location: Administration
Accolade sent by:Cheryl Pooler, Waco ISD Homeless Liaison

So thankful for the way that David always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of a student in crisis. I called him to ask for advice/assistance regarding a student who lives in a homeless shelter and he immediately arranged to meet with the student and help them get back on track with attendance. The Staff at the shelter were also grateful for his quick response and capacity to connect with the student. It's awesome to work with people like David who are consistently willing to do the right thing and make a positive impact on our students.

Date: 01/21/2015
Employee praised: Gayla Reid
Location: Administration
Accolade sent by: Emily Draper, Waco ISD Teacher

Gayla never ceases to amaze me! She inspires me to be a better teacher, colleague & mentor. Her willingness to meet with me, hold me accountable and celebrate the achievements of my students is a testament to her giving spirit and passion for what she does. Mrs. Reid, you deserve much of the credit for the success of any kindergarten, first or second grade student in WISD, for without your guidance they would not make the leaps we are seeing. Thank you for fighting the good fight everyday. I still want to be you when I grow up!

Date: 01/12/2015
Employee praised: Cindy Cates
Location: Waco High School
Accolade sent by: Kresslyn Sanders, Waco ISD Parent

Ms. Cates has responded to my questions via email so quickly and professionally. This saves me so much time trying to fit my busy schedule around the school and keeps me informed as to what is going on in my child's education. She is also helping us plan for the future and finding areas to focus on that are specific to the needs and interests of my student. This makes parenting a teenager just a little easier and this assistance makes one part of parenting a little more manageable!

Date: 01/06/2015
Employee praised: Lindsey Helton
Location: Crestview Elementary
Accolade sent by: Donna Ondrey, H-E-B Adopt-A-School partner

I am going into my second year working with Lindsey Helton at Crestview through H-E-B. She has always gone above helping with what I do for the children at Crestview. Lindsey has always been great with the kiddos and works hard to take care of the kids and staff. I have gotten to know many of the other AAS Partners and we have gotten together and truly believe that Lindsey deserves some recognition for a GREAT job well done!!