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 We have a Calendar, called Scholarship Deadlines! (see link on the sub-navbar). The Scholarship Deadlines calendar shows scholarships by name on the days that they are due.

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Yet another way we try to spread the word about scholarships for college. Check often. We'll post news items as soon as we get them.
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Here you can access additional information about scholarships. We want to get you as much information as possible as soon as we get it. Go check it out.

General Advice

Stay focused on your quest for a college education.
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Every day you need to spend some time googling the internet for scholarships. Make a goal of applying for 40 scholarships during your senior year. There are scholarships out there; you just have to look.

Try these websites:

Please never pay anyone to search for a scholarship or financial aid for you.

PUBLIC NOTICE: The scholarships listed here are meant as a service to our students and their parents. WISD is not responsible in any way as to the awarding of scholarships, nor responsible for ensuring students complete the required paperwork to become eligible.