January ELL PLC - Vocabulary and ELLs

January ELL PLC - Vocabulary and ELLs
Posted on 01/12/2016

Imagine that you awoke one day to a completely different profession, filled with its very own verbal lexicon and specialized vocabulary? To shake things up a bit, you were now living in a different country where everyone spoke a different language.  This is the very experience our ELLs face each day in classrooms as they navigate through content specific academic content and try to form meaning from text. Vocabulary, one of the five essential components of reading instruction (National Reading Panel, 2000), “is the glue that holds stories, ideas and content together…making comprehension accessible for children” (Rupley, Logan & Nichols, 1998/99).  In fact, “comprehension depends on knowing between 90% and 95% of the words in a text” (Calderón, et al, 2005; Hirsch, 2003). As educators, it is important to learn about the important role that “word consciousness” plays in students’ interactions with text. Come join us for an informational, highly engaging afternoon of learning where teachers will learn valuable strategies to help ELLs increase their vocabulary and grasp of academic language. Teachers will also receive resources to use in the classroom to help ELLs increase their knowledge of academic vocabulary.

Date: January 19th


Location: G. L.  Wiley

1030 E Live Oak Street

Time: 4:00-5:00