New Faces In Waco ISD 01-25-2016

New Faces in Waco ISD 01-25-2016
Posted on 01/25/2016

New Faces in Waco ISD 01-25-2016

Join us in welcoming our newest Waco ISD employees.

Kourtney Hanslik - AVID Teacher - Tennyson
"I graduated from Baylor University and recently moved back to Waco!  I am excited to make Waco my home."



Ezekiel Fielding - Art Teacher - Indian Springs
"I am excited to start working for Waco ISD because I will have a chance to inspire students to love art as much as I do."


Rachel Fuchs - Math Teacher - Cesar Chavez
"I am excited to show students that Math can be a lot of fun."



Selena Castillo - Aide/Primary Literacy - Brook Avenue
"I like challenges and also I adapt to changes quickly.  I'm very excited to work for Waco ISD because I went to school here."




Caitlin Clossen - Aide/Primary Literacy - Mountainview
"I am excited to help improve literacy in Waco youth."



Izola Murrell - Security Guard - WISD Police
"I love kids and I am ready to work."



Landon Boffman - Social Studies Teacher - Tennyson
"I am excited to help further the academic success of the students at Tennyson Middle School.  I am pleased to start my career at Waco ISD and to have a bright future here as well."


Shelly Linch - Aide/Primary Literacy - Kendrick
"I am excited to work at Waco ISD so I can help children of this community learn.  Several teachers inspired me over the years growing up, and I hope to one day be like them."


Jimmy Joyce - Custodian - University High School
"I am a great people person and I am excited to work at Waco ISD."


Gail Bridgewater - Cafeteria - CNS
"I am a good worker who gets along with everyone and I am happy to be a part of Waco ISD."