An organization should consider all applicable regulations for bingo. A Charitable bingo may not be advertised nor held prior to actually obtaining a license. Detailed rules may be obtained from the Texas Lottery Commission by requesting a copy of the Bingo Enabling Act, the Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules and Bingo Operations Manual by calling 1-800-BINGO77. Some basic rules include but are not limited to:

  • A person may not be denied admission to a bingo game or the opportunity to participate in a game because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin,sex, or disability or because the person is not a member of the licensed authorized organization conducting the bingo game;
  • A prize may not exceed $750 in any single game or $2,500 in the aggregate per occasion. In the event merchandise is donated, the actual retail value may not exceed these limits;
  • Door prizes may not exceed $250 per occasion;
  • All bingo supplies and equipment must be purchased from a licensed distributor;
  • A 5% fee must be collected from the person(s) who wins a bingo prize of $5 or greater;
  • Alcohol may not be served.

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