"Texas Education Today" news post - August 2015

The periodical, Texas Education Today, published by the Texas Education Agency, in its August 2015 - VOL XXX - No. 5 issue posted the following information regarding (HB) 1842.

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Legislature passes new guidelines for interventions

In the 2015 session, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1842, which provides a comprehensive update to interventions for districts and campuses, as well as guidelines for new open-enrollment charters.

The bill addresses required interventions for campuses that do not meet state accountability standards, most significantly by replacing reconstitution planning – which in current statute must take place after a campus receives two consecutive Improvement Required (IR) ratings – with a campus turnaround plan. Required elements of the campus turnaround plan include a detailed description of the academic programs to be offered at the campus; written comments from parents, teachers and a campus level committee; terms of the charter, should a district choose to turn the campus into an in-district charter; and a detailed description of the budget, staffing and financial resources required to implement the plan.

Additionally, HB 1842 requires the commissioner, after a campus does not meet state accountability standards for five consecutive years, to either close the campus or put in place a board of managers to oversee operations of the entire district. Also, campuses that don’t meet state accountability ratings must hold a public meeting to gather input from parents and community members for its targeted improvement plan, and if required, its campus turnaround plan.

The bill also creates the option for districts to be designated as innovation districts through the development of a local innovation plan with public input and school board approval. Being designated as an innovation district would allow a district to receive waivers from certain state requirements.

HB 1842 does not take the place of the charter revocation process laid out in Senate Bill (SB) 2, passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature in 2013.

TEA staff will begin implementing HB 1842 during the 2015-2016 school year.

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