Reading Comprehension and Questioning Strategies Workshop

Reading Comprehension and Questioning Strategies Workshop
Posted on 02/23/2016


The ELL Department has developed an exciting and interactive Reading Comprehension and Questioning Strategies Workshop for the month of March. We will be presenting the workshop at the Bilingual Teacher Academy and ESL District PLC meeting on March 1st. During this informative workshop teachers will learn to identify Bloom’s and Costa’s different levels of questioning, when to use specific levels, and how to adapt questioning for ELLs. Teachers will also learn how to use the questioning strategies when planning for instruction (they will be incorporating the questioning strategies into their own lesson plans for future use). Participants will also practice implementation of the questioning strategies at the session and learn how to identify the rigor levels of instructional activities using Bloom’s and Costa’s levels. The goal of the workshop is to learn to use varying levels of questioning that go beyond lower levels of questioning. By incorporating the four higher levels of Bloom’s such as Application and Evaluation as well as Costa’s PROCESS and OUTPUT levels of questioning, students are challenged to become more active in their learning and the rigor of instruction is increased. Moreover, use of high leverage questioning strategies will also allow teachers to expose students to the type of questioning they will encounter in standardized state assessments such as the STAAR assessment and more challenging academic coursework.   

Date: March 1st

Time: 4:00-5:00

Location: Admin. Building in the 1st Floor Conference Room (large conference room)

Participants will need: Laptops or hard copies of lesson plans.