HoT Regional History Fair, Photos and Results

HoT Regional History Fair, Photos and Results
Posted on 03/18/2016

The 2016 Regional History Fair results are in. Congratulations to all our student historians. You've represented your campuses and all of Waco ISD admirably.

Thanks to the teachers and families who supported their efforts with encouragement and faith that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

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Title of Entry

Student Name(s)


Hillcrest PDS


Jedediah Strong Smith

J.D. Donaldson




The House of Tudor

Lucas Everett




Anne Hutchinson

Evelyn Freeman

2 Special Awards



The Dust Bowl

C.J. Sandoval




The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau

Henry Wood



Individual Exhibit

The Alamo

Francisco Torres




Chinese Gunpowder

Shamara Long



Group Exhibit

The New York Stock Exchange

Aaliyah Driver, Cassie Lee, Amarie Clark



Individual Website

Fannie Lou Hamer- The Voice that Could Stir an Army

JC Olvera




The Peloponnesian Wars- Athens’ and Sparta’s world-changing Encounter

Layla Lopez




Mining in Australia- A deadly encounter for indigenous people

Autumn Cruz



Group Website

King Philip’s War- Peaceful encounter-Deadly Exchange

Lydia Olade, Nancy B. Mar, Alma Mondragon, Erik Pimienta




Amelia Earhart- Thirst for Exploration- Daring Encounter- Mysterious Exchange

Perla Sanchez and Joaquin Cervantez




Michael Jackson- Exploration of Musical style and genre-Birth of the Music Video

Abigail Loa and Kemberly Flores



Group Performance

The Freedom Summer Project

Deja Thompson, Selena Jaramillo Salazar, Angie Moreno and Coral Martinez

Honorable Mention



Exploring Women’s Rights- From the Ballot Box to the Boardroom

Stacy Bustamante, Judy Devora, Evelyn Serrano




Suffering at Sea- Middle Passage Encounter and Exchange

Diana Ortega, Celeste Zuniga, Aiden Cox, Melanie Orona

Honorable Mention


Individual Exhibit

Billie Holiday- Exploring Racism through her music

Yoselin Mendoza




The 1953 Waco Tornado

Raphael Flores




Dorothea Dix- Exchanging Fear for Hope- the Reform of Mental Institutions in America

Jonessa Martinez



Group Exhibit

Oh, No, Not a Yank! - War Brides of World War II

Ivetta Padron, Leslie Vivanco

2nd Place



Apollo 13: Exploration in Space

Christian Davalos, David Juarez, Luiz Martinez, Carlos Paloblanco, Freddie Velazquez




Military Photography- Exploring the Tools of War

Abigail Loa, Esmeralda Castillo



Indiv.  Documentary

Immigration in America- A study in cultural diffusion

Saul Rangel




Ella Fitzgerald- Encountering racism in the arts

Amya Taylor



Group Documentary

Apollo 11: One Giant Leap for Mankind

Yomayra Ponce, Andrea Yamas




Ella Fitzgerald- Breaking down barriers with song

Kanstance Slack, Stephanie Andrade




Henry Ford- Exploring New Ways to Make Things

Allen Cortez and David Romero


Lake Air

Individual Website

New Orleans - Journey from Disaster to Recovery

Sherell Atkins




Leonardo Da Vinci: Explorer of Art and Science

Hunter Torres



Group Website

The Silk Road

Daniel Dillard, Colby Wilkinson




Joaquin Guzman: El Chapo

Dylan Whitworth, Jonathan Olvera, Andrew Guzman




Amelia Earhart’s Life Story

Keegan Hyde, Robert Guevara



Individual Exhibit

Space the Final Frontier

Jacob Erwerle




The Encounter of the Coelacanth, 60 Million Years Later

Andi Arterburn




The Indian Ocean Maritime System

Carlos Perez



Group Exhibit

The Hiding Place of Anne Frank

Alanah Thornton, Jalissa Jaral, Mercedez Luna




Ferdinand Magellan: Around About Man

Charlie Henry, Julio Castillo




The Triangular Trade

Amber DeLeon, Melanny Guerrero, Lillyana Fuller, Delaney Boren



Historical Paper

The Cult of hades: “A Society of Death

Yareth Varela



Individual Exhibit

La Salle's Adventure

Mahalia Hobbs

Spec. Award



Bob Ballard: Exploring the Sea, Encountering Titanic

Morgan Wray

1st Place



Die Glocke

Michael Aguilar




Claim for the North Pole

Nathan Vanderpool



Group Exhibit

Apollo 13

Terrance Reed, Jamien Henley




The Atomic Bomb

Abilene Rios, Kaitlynn Merritt, Josef Stojsik




Jesse Owens

Ty'Ranashia Murray, Tehya Colbert, Bre'Asia McLeain




Waco 1953 Tornado

Emerie Cruz, Jacqueline Grimaldo

3rd Place
Special Awards: Historic Waco, DAR




Iran Contra

Mariah Mason, Estafania Pizano

Special Award: Baylor Law School



European Exploration of America

Guillermo Solorzano, Alexis Paloblanco



Indiv. Website

Neil Armstrong

Billy Henderson





Rebecca Heldenbrand

1st Place



Dorothea Dix

Hannah Rubby



Group Website


Daniella Ramirez, Samantha Nava




World War II Weaponry

Austen Bekkelund, Damien Molina, Lino Melendez





Alexandria Alonzo, Alyssa Garza




Charles Darwin

Miller Cunningham, Elisha Sriram

3rd Place



Robert Oppenheimer

Sophia Swenke, Daniel Swenke

2nd Place



Jacque Cousteau

Breanna Ticaret, Mark Ticaret

1st Place


Indiv. Performance

Little Rock Nine

Ellie Becker

2nd Place



Dare to Explore

Harper Hoover

1st Place,
Special Award


Group Performance

For the Love of Adventure

Brigitte Eichenberg, Neal Dupuy

1st Place



Jeanne Baret

T. Felton, S. Stephens



Indiv. Documentary

Free of Fear

Ansley Gibson

1st Place



Black Wall Street

D. London-Ridge




Women of 1920s

Hope Aguilar

3rd Place


Group Documentary

Sinn Fein

S. Anyaji, A. Albertie




Chinese Culture

C. Brennan, J. Brennan

Honorable Mention



Jane Goodall

Bonnie Gibson, Isabella Riggs, Emry McDonough

1st Place


Historical Paper

Battle of Antietam

James Ackerman

1st Place

Waco HS

Group Exhibit

Hatshepsut: The Queen Who Became King

Sara White, Mercedes Herring, Marlyssa Daniels, Dylan Flores

Special Award: Links Inc.



Apollo 13: Exploration in Space:

Arturo Palacios, Alejandro Martinez,



Indiv. Documentary

Julia Child: The Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange in French Cuisine

Pearson Crow

1st Place



From Jacob Lawrence to Ella Fitzgerald: The Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange of Art through the Great Migration

Gloria Conatser

2nd Place


Group Documentary

The Space Race

Scott DuPuy, Bennett Johnson, Bryson Shavers

1st Place


Indiv. Website

How Exploring, Encountering, and Exchanging Affected the Roanoke Colony

Shelexia Johnson

1st Place


Group Website

At the Crossroads: London Railways

 Valerie Sanchez, Kaleigh Huser, Hannah Sriram

1st Place



The Silk Road: An Expansion and Exchange of Religion, Ideas, and Culture

Grace Dennis, Taylar Henderson, Khristian Allen

2nd Place




The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall


Lauren Arias, Nicholas Barrera, Nathaniel Finch         



Group Performance

Radioactivity and Beyond

Gricelda Romero, Maria Briseno

Honorable Mention


Individual Exhibit

European Exploration: the Who, How, Why, and When

Kayce Helton

Honorable Mention,
Special Award:
Museum Assoc. of Waco