March 2016 Student of the Month

March 2016 Student of the Month
Posted on 02/29/2016
Reggie Storm:  University High School Senior from the AJ Moore Academy of Information Technology

I am in the Academy of information technology at University High School. I am most known for being on our school news “The U Show” which I am the creative director and occasional Anchor for.  I do far more than just school news; outside of school I produce and record music and short films. On the music side I am building my own independent music label which is filled with local artist and musicians who simply wish to create and share visions and ideas with the world. I have shared small amounts of my outside work with the school through “The U Show” with the “Too Cool For School” and “Tawwdies” music videos which featured all original music produced by me.

    When I am working on videos it's mostly for the music that is made by the people on my label; but I sometimes I like to branch out and make short films in my free time because I plan to study film and music in the near future. The AJ Moore academies have truly helped me discover who I am. I am very happy to have classes that enable me to use my passion and creativity at school. To check out some of my work subscribe to the University High School youtube channel or check out the following link Tawwdies".