TEA Commissioner visits GWAMA

TEA Commissioner visits GWAMA
Posted on 03/14/2016

Texas Education Administration Commissioner, Mike Morrath visited the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy to learn how kids are learning marketable skills for a modern economy.

Commissioner Morrath listened to Waco area education administrators, toured the facility, observed student works in progress, and spoke with Dr. Cain about the program.

"The kind of efficiencies you can gain by joining forces make a great deal of sense. It's great to see Waco ISD leading this consortium of Waco school systems." the commissioner said. "The business community has a great deal to add to what we do in public education, both in terms of the focus on performance and outcomes and aligning the skills that we're developing in kids with the needs of a modern economy."

"It's just fantastic to see the hands-on application of science and mathematics in these classes. We need to connect kids in what they're learning in the classroom with real world experience to make the education that they're getting relevant and high-impact. That's clearly what's happening here."

Commissioner Morrath was also presented with a student-crafted gift as part of the visit. Waco ISD and all the Waco area school districts that participate in the GWAMA program would like to thank the TEA and Commissioner Morrath for coming to review the program.