April 2016 Student of the month

Posted on 04/01/2016

Jonathan Hair
Grade: 12
Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy (GWAMA)

    My name is Jonathan Hair and I am a proud member of the Precision Metal Academy at the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy (GWAMA).  I am very excited about the skills I’ve gained and proud of the work I‘ve done.  Precision metal has been a part of my life since I was a child.  My first engineering experience early on, I spent most of my childhood playing with Legos in my room instead with the kids in the neighborhood.  Since I was kid, I loved building and fixing objects.   My Mom could give me any task and supplies, I would take the task and turn the problem into a solution that engineers deal with on a daily basis.   The Precision Metal Academy helps students, like myself, who are great problem solvers apply their skills in a real world setting using real equipment that the real world workshops use to produce the amazing and beautiful metal works that we see and use to this day.  This Academy has taught me many amazing skills.  For example, patience, better problem solving skills, precision team work, and meeting specific deadlines on projects.   In the Academy students learn first the importance of safety, and how dangerous many of the machines in the shop can be, if not used properly.  Additionally, students learn the importance of precision metal is used for things like cars, airplanes, buildings, tools and machines.  Using these machines at GWAMA has inspired my liking the following quote: “Machines make Machines”.  This Academy prepares students for the real work force with skills necessary to become successful.  Most students graduate college and still don’t know how to do what we have learned in this Academy.  The skills that are applied in the Academy can be used in many fields, for example, Architecture, Construction, and some skills can even be used within the Medical field.
My goals are to attend UT at Arlington to earn a bachelor degree in Kinesiology and possibly run track for the program.  Afterwards, I plan to work as a Biomedical engineer and one day open my own sports clinic to help rehabilitate athletes and to improve rehabilitation techniques.  The Precision Metal Academy has given me the necessary skills to help improve the machines that we use to train athletes and to enhance their performances.