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2015 AdEvery year, the District publishes a list of students who have competed at the State level and/or achieved State level recognition over the past year. The form below helps us gather that information quickly and still maintain a uniform set of data.

However, if you prefer to send the data to us directly in an excel (xlsx, csv, etc) file, you may email the file to us as an attachment. Please do not send the data in the body of the email - only as an attachment in the above listed formats.

But if you wish, you may use the form below. The Additional Info and "Submitter Info" fields are optional. All other fields are required. Name of Award should be self-explanatory, but Rank/Level and Subject may not be so obvious.

  • Rank and/or Level is usually expressed as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, etc.
  • Subject means academic subject, as in Science, Literature, Math, etc.

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