Info to Register for Classes at MCC

For those paraprofessionals interested in obtaining a teaching degree, Waco ISD offers the Grow Your Own Program, which provides either partial tuition reimbursement or release time from work (with supervisor approval) to attend classes (at any accredited college/university) to obtain your bachelors/teaching degree. Waco ISD has been working with MCC and Tarleton State (MCC University Center) to come up with a solution to help our paras become teachers in the district. While not limited to MCC/Tarleton, these 2 programs are dedicated to working with us to schedule classes around your busy work schedule to help our employees achieve their dream of becoming a certified teacher.

If you are interested in going back to school and attending MCC and/or Tarleton (not a current student), please see the attached flyer with information on how to apply to MCC. Summer classes start May 31st and there is a tight timeline if you are looking to start this summer. Waco ISD will be offering the TSI (reading, writing, math) entrance test (if you are not exempt based on other tests/assessment) on May 14th at a reduced cost. Instructions for applying are attached as well as information on other details and documents needed by MCC and/or Tarleton. Please read through the attachment carefully and call me if you have any questions or need further information or clarification. If you are not quite ready to start this summer, you can still apply for the fall semester and be ready to go.

The Grow Your Own program is independent of any college/university and is just a tuition reimbursement/release time program, so you can be enrolled at any college/university of your choosing. Anyone interested in GYO will need to complete and submit the required paperwork (I have attached that as well). This will be separate from any college registration process. For the tuition reimbursement, you would need to pay for any classes up front and then submit the reimbursement form along with your grades and proof of payment at the end of each semester (see GYO paperwork instructions). If you are already enrolled in a teaching degree program you can still apply for the GYO benefits before the beginning of each semester.

Again, if you have any questions or are not sure who to call or what your next step is, please give me a call. This is a lot of information and I want to make this as easy as possible for you if you would like to get your teaching degree.

Thank you,

Sue Pfleging, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Waco Independent School District
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Instructions for Making Application to MCC