Preparing for Success - Mock Interviews at WHS

Posted on 05/19/2016
Career Prep is a course that helps students develop employable skills as well as prepare them for the professional workforce.  During the course students have been working on developing networks, create resume’s and cover letters, along with researching different careers.

The Waco High Career Prep classes conducted mock interviews last week in the WHS Library which included 5 business members from our local community.  We have been preparing for this opportunity all year long and it was great to see the students put their abilities in to action.

Last week our business partner volunteers were selected from various backgrounds in the workforce which consisted of careers in banking and finance, education, entrepreneurship, goods and services, as well as civil management.  Each member brought an abundance of experience and expertise in the interviewing process.  After the interview they worked with each of the students and gave them feedback on their performance and areas that they could develop as well.
Each of the students learned a lot from dressing appropriately, being on time, and the importance of making a good first impression.  

Many of the students were apprehensive before their interview but came away excited and appreciative for the opportunity.  Senior student Eva DeLaCruz said, “this was a great opportunity and a lot of fun too.”
Here is what a few of the students were saying after their interview:
“I hope that I really have an opportunity to work at the bank this summer.” - Sr. Shinece Stroup

“That was not so bad after all, I just needed to relax and then be myself.” – Sr. Cristian Simeon