Food Allergies

To: Parents/Guardians of Waco ISD Students

From: Candice Marecle, RN, CRRN Coordinator of Health Services

Subject: Food Allergy

It is important for the school district to know about any food allergy or severe food allergy that a student may have. A “severe food allergy” means that a student has an allergic response that is dangerous or is a life-threatening reaction of the human body to a food-borne allergen introduced by inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact and requires immediate medical attention.  Please complete the form below if your child has had a food allergy or a severe food allergy.  Student safety is very important. If your child has had a severe food allergy, please provide a doctor’s note and speak with the school health services representative as soon as possible. The nurse/clinic aide will send a packet including Severe Allergy Plan, Medication form (if Epi Pen or antihistamine), FARE form and a dietary restriction form. Please return all completed forms to them as soon as possible.

Food Allergy Form
Severe Allergy Plan
Medication Form (if Epi Pen or antihistamine)
Dietary Restriction Form