Waco ISD names TSTC exec interim head of GWAMA - GWAHCA

Posted on 07/14/2016
Dale McCall, the former Vice President of Student Learning at Texas State Technical College, has been named the new interim Director at Waco ISD’s Greater Waco Manufacturing (GWAMA) and Health Care (GWAHCA) Academies.

McCall, 59, will oversee both campuses after working the last two and a half years helping establish dual credit programs for electronics and robotics, welding, and precision metal manufacturing at GWAMA.  The Academy hopes to add a “building construction trade” program to that curriculum.

“WISD is so fortunate to have been able to hire Dale McCall as the interim director of these two great programs,” said Waco ISD Superintendent Bonny Cain.  “McCall was in on the ground floor in the creation of GWAMA and has been one of its staunchest supporters.”

“Technical education is the most underrated higher education in this country,” McCall explained, saying he’s seen what an acquired skill set can do for students and their family.

“I have witnessed the changes in family cultures when individuals get a technical education and gets that first job making $40,000 or $50,000.  Many families in our area have first generation graduates who got jobs and their lives changed,” he added.
McCall, a native of southeast Texas, came to Waco in 1983 and was a dentist for 28 years.  He became an instructor at TSTC and got a master’s degree in education.  That led to his work in administration at TSTC, the partner in the dual credit program for GWAMA.

His medical background is essential for the upcoming work with area hospitals as GWACHA goes into year two of its programs, according to Cain.

The new interim director says his first order of business is to get familiar with all the staff and connect with area superintendents to identify their needs at both academies.  He also wants to build partnerships with local businesses and hospitals. 

McCall’s wife, Madelon, is a clinical assistant professor at Baylor.  His son, Tyler, is a captain in the Army, while his daughter, Anna, is in her third year of medical school.

McCall replaces former GWAMA and GWAHCA director Brandon Cope, who resigned to take a position as a principal in Riesel ISD.