Waco High School students visited the Europaschule

Waco High School students visited the Europaschule
Posted on 07/18/2016

EUROPASCHULE: This is a link to our partner school's website in Kerpen, Germany.

austauschgala16klWaco High School students visited the Europaschule and helped celebrate the English language exchange anniversary.

The Waco Exchange was founded by Waco High German teacher Clarke Flentge, and Europaschule Principal Christiane von Freeden in 1986. The link includes a summary of the events and speakers.

The anniversary included 40 years for the Nottingham exchange, 30 years for Waco High, and 20 years for Temple High School.

Teachers who participated in those exchanges were present including Matthew Bachofen and Glenda Bain from Waco, and Nella Spurlin from Temple High School. In the first video link we can see Alyssa Riggs introducing Mrs. von Freeden who conducts her talk in English.

The celebration included performances by the Europaschule Big Band, as well speeches from the Mayor of Kerpen, Dieter Spürck, the current Principal of the Europaschule, Mrs. Strucken as well as other former school leaders and principals. All in all, it was a fun and celebratory afternoon which will help keep the ties between Waco and Kerpen fresh in our memories.

More to come about our exchange experiences this summer. 

-Matthew Bachofen

See photos: Fotos der Ausstellung über den Waco- und Temple-Austausch im Treppenhaus