Latest STAAR results show improvement in most areas

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WACO, Texas –  The latest round of STAAR test scores show marked improvement over 2015 for Waco ISD students, outpacing statewide increases in most subjects and grades.

Using the same 2015 benchmark the Texas Education Agency recently touted for statewide gains, Waco ISD students in 2016 showed an increase in testing scores in 15 of the 17 grade/subject assessments with one subject staying the same.

Statewide numbers showed an increase in 13 of the 17 areas based on those same 2015 numbers.

In 2016 the state instituted higher benchmark numbers in all categories, and when those are factored in Waco ISD again outpaced statewide results.

2slide 3slide 4Based on those more difficult standards, state passing rates went up in six assessments, stayed flat on one, and went down on 10 subject areas.

Waco ISD’s passing rates with the new benchmarks were higher in 12 assessments, flat on one, and decreased in four of the 17.

Some of the biggest improvements were in 5th and 8th grades in two key subjects – Reading and Math. Fifth grade students across the district raised their reading scores 14 points (26%) over their 4th grade year, and math scores went up 22 points (44%).

In the 8th grade, reading numbers were up 19 points (33%) over their 7th grade scores the year before, and math increased 20 points (42%).

"I'm so proud of our teachers and students and all their hard work," said Superintendent Dr. Bonny Cain. "We went to an eight-period class day in our middle schools, allowing extra planning time with instructional specialists and that paid off."

These latest numbers are still from Index 1 in the STAAR testing. Indexes 2 and 3 and final Index 4 for high schools are projected to be released August 12, and will provide a complete picture of the overall results for school districts and the state.

Graphics detailing the numbers are attached. Numbers signify the percentage of students in that grade and subject who met the state's satisfactory standard.