UHS Tackling Campus Crimes with Student Crime-Stoppers

UHS Tackling Campus Crimes with Student Crime-Stoppers
Posted on 09/09/2016

Karen Baier

Karen Baier has just started her 32nd year of teaching in Waco ISD. For 22 of those years, she’s led a group of University High School students that has helped solve campus crimes and won numerous awards. “It’s sort of a club,” she said. That “club“ consists of volunteer students who gather on a regular basis to identify, investigate, and help solve crimes that have taken place at the school.

Students volunteer to form a Crime Stoppers Board of Directors and decide among themselves how much to offer as a reward for someone who comes forward with information that helps solve the crime. Most of their recent cases have been misdemeanor offenses, but they have helped solve a couple of felony cases in those 22 years-one years ago involving a gun on campus, and another, a series of recurring trash can arsons, and through their work the group helped to identify and locate a felon who was breaking parole by regularly being on and around the campus.

These days, the cases have changed. Most often they work to resolve the case of the stolen cell phone. They work in conjunction with a staff sergeant in the Waco Police department who oversees Waco Crime Stoppers. The sergeant keeps a record of the University group’s crime solving statistics, provides the reward money, and logs those payments over the years.

Most recently, Baier and her students received an award for their efforts when the Waco Crime Stoppers Unity celebrated its 35th anniversary. Congratulations to Mrs Baier and her students for their dedication to stopping crime at University High, whatever the crime may be.

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