Waco High SKILLS USA Officer Elections

Posted on 09/13/2016

Officer Elections
To elect committed officers dedicated to the Waco High School SkillsUSA chapter. 

a. All prospective officer candidates must fill out an officer application.  
b. Each officer candidate must bring a teacher recommendation letter (cannot be a CTE teacher). 
c. Membership dues must be paid by any student wishing to run for office, PRIOR to the election date. 
d. Candidates must also campaign (ie. Post signs, etc. to be approved first by SkillsUSA director). 
3. Dates 
a. Membership dues ($50) to be paid PRIOR to election day.
b. Election Day:  October 3, 2016 at 7:45 am
c. Newly elected officers must be present at ribbon cutting to celebrate grand opening of school store October 13, 2016 at 9:30 am. 

All officers will act as co-store managers, will be a voting delegate on all issues regarding school store, and are expected to keep accurate records on all transactions.
PRESIDENT:    Presides over chapter meetings, using proper Parliamentary procedure; Works with other officers to prepare agenda for meetings; Represents Skills USA in school and community functions 

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Presides at meetings & other functions in the absence of the chapter president; Supervises all committees; Serves as program chairperson, introduces programs at chapter meetings 

SECRETARY:  Maintains all chapter records; Records minutes of all meetings; Handles all chapter correspondence 

UNDER-SECRETARY:  Will work hand-in-hand with the chapter Secretary involving all chapter records; Will take minutes of chapter meetings in the absence of chapter secretary; Will maintain SkillsUSA record book 

TREASURER:  Keeps records of chapter funds; Prepares financial statements, including annual financial statements and school store records 

SARGENT-AT-ARMS:  Oversees proper business procedure of all chapter meetings; Is in charge of planning & overseeing all fundraising events 

REPORTER:  Takes photographs of all Skills USA events, including but not limited to conferences, community service projects, and fundraising events; Contacts school newspaper and/or yearbook about Skills USA events, and delivers all Skills USA – related announcements to proper administrator in a timely manner

Contact Tara Mulcahy at WHS for more information