Waco High School October 2016 Student of the Month

Waco High School October 2016 Student of the Month
Posted on 10/03/2016


Joel Pleitez Rivera
12th Grade
Academy of Business

So you want to know a little something about Joel Pleitez’s hopes and dreams, I have so much I want to achieve in my life.  Even though English is not my first language I do not let that stop me.  I use my translator to make sure I am doing what my teachers expect of me, it is with me at all times.

In the future after I graduate from Waco High School, I wish to continue studying so I can complete my dream. My dream you may be asking yourself what is it, well it is to have a successful career or become a professional soccer player. Yes, I know they are not alike at all, but no matter which one I choose, I will be the best at it.

The business academy teaches me how to build relationships with others, it also helps me with the ever changing technology. All of this will assist me in becoming successful in my chosen field.  I am learning so much about a lot of different careers and how they use technology, communication and work together to complete final projects.  It will also help me improve in the areas where I am weak, especially communicating with others speaking English instead of Spanish.

30 years into the future, what it would take for me to consider my life successful is to reach my career goal. I will always need the support of my parents and my family is always helping and supporting me.  I will need the skills to be able to work in my career hopefully using my ability to speak Spanish and English.

There is nothing is more exciting than having a goal, working toward it and then finally doing it.  I cannot wait to see what this year will allow me to do and achieve that I can also use later in life to be the best me I can be.