Perfect Attendance Pays at Parkdale PDS

Perfect Attendance Pays at Parkdale PDS
Posted on 10/13/2016

There are many similarities between working a full-time job and going to school every day. Waking up early. Getting dressed. Social interaction. Performance evaluations. Lunch with friends. Talk at the water fountain. It’s true, grownups do not have homework, but they do have work-related stress.

One of the main differences between school and work is that students do not get paid for their attendance…unless you are a student at Parkdale Elementary School and you keep a perfect record of attendance during the six-week grading period.

The elementary school happens to have a unique arrangement with their longtime Adopt-a-School partner, Central National Bank, and a rich tradition of rewarding students who are lucky enough to stay healthy and concurrently enrolled throughout each six-week grading period. 

Although employees at Central National Bank are actively involved in volunteering at the school in a variety of ways, the goal of the “Gold Coin Perfect Attendance” program is to boost attendance and motivate students to want to be in school.  

When the children open the custom-designed envelopes, it is a nice surprise for them to find a real gold coin that is actually worth one dollar. It is a great reward for their hard work, and a very similar experience to the working world. It teaches them that hard work does pay.

For the first six-weeks, Central National Bank Adopt-a-School Coordinator Bethany Williams delivered gold coins, and stopped in every classroom with envelopes for students who had not missed a day of class. 

With flu season fast approaching, just knowing there is money at stake might be good enough reason for Parkdale Elementary students to get a vaccine. Or, at least not cry on their next trip to the doctor’s office!